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Past Projects

Ditch Rehabilitation

Goldsmith Metro District

Exporting 4000 cy of sediment, revegitation and regrade

124th Henderson Culvert Replacement 

Adams County

48" storm sewer crossing Henderson Road

Concrete Rehabilitation

City of Littleton 

Removal and replacement of 1400 sy of existing 9" think concrete with a high early mix and steel replacement.  Work was to be over a 2-day weekend wtih both east and west traffic open.

Bridge and Ditch Reconstruction

Adams County 

New bridge and rebuilt 800 linear feet of concrete ditch due to flood damage.  Project was turn key design build.

Bridge Repairs

City of Aurora

Repair pier caps and walls at piers utilizing conventional-type repair using steel plates through-bolted to the sides of the pier caps in order to stabilize the degradation of the pier caps.  Project also involved repairing and re-sealing expansion joint above piers and cleaning and patching the curb-head.  

Chatfield State Park

State of Colorado 

Project consisted of 2500 linear ft. of sewer main and  30 sewer service lines installed using underground bore method.  3000 ft. of water main bore using direction drilling.  Project was located inside Chatfield State Park and most of work was done in tight locations with minimal damage to State Park and trees.  

South Sheridan Blvd 8" Water Main

Bow Mar Waterline and Sanitation 

2300 If of 8" waterline along Sheridan Blvd.  Reconnect water services valves, fittings and fire hydrant.


Bella Rosa Parkway over Tritown Drainageway - Interim Culvert 

Town of Frederick 

48" colvert replacement, flared end sections, several utility relocations.  Asphalt repavement. 


West Church Street Rehabilitation

City of Littleton 

Full depth removal and haul off of 1375 sq. yds. existing of 9" asphalt pavement also removed 585 LF of curb and gutter.  Replaced unsuitable subgrade with 1375 SY of Class 5 roadbase and finish grade for installation of 1375 SY of 9" thick concrete pavement.  Installed 585 LF of curb and gutter and 4 handicap ramps.  All work was done while two lanes of traffic were open.  

Eagles Nest

Jehn Engineering 

Project consisted of 945 LF of 6" sanitary sewer, 4 sanitary manholes, approximately 500 LF of various sizes of storm sewer ranging from 24"-36" RCP with appropriate structures.  Graded site pond with over 500 tons of rip rap lined channel.  it also included 6 water services tapped into existing watermain.  All work was done in a highly protected open space with minimal damage to existing landscape and trees to preserve natural look of site. 

Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement

City of Louisville 

Project consisted of 820 LF of 8" sanitary sewer, 3 sanitary manholes, reconnection of existing services.  Replacement of asphalt in alleyways and intersection.  All work was in a very tight alley with very little space and overhead utilities with a very strict schedule and hours of operation due to homeowners being affected. 

Water Main Replacement 

City of Louisville 

Project consisted of 1856 LF of 8" watermain with associated appurtenances replacement in major intersection and roadway.  Asphalt replacement in roadway and all water services.  Everything was done on a very tight and strict schedule due to all homes and businesses affected.  Replacement of affected City Sidewalks.  

Storm Maintenance Project

City of Louisville

Project consisted of tree removal, clear and grubbing channel.  Regrade entire channel to new elevations and reseed.  Install concrete trickle channel and clean up site to existing or better conditions.  All work was done in a limited area to keep from disturbing protected habitat.  

Omega Construction Services Office Rehabilitation

Omega Construction Services

Remove existing asphalt and replace with concrete.  44,000 Sq. Ft. of 9" concrete.  Regrading and clean-up. 

Loading Dock & Concrete Replacement


remove existing asphalt and replace with concrete.  Construct 3 new loading ramps.  Remove and replace 22,000 sq. ft. concrete apron and approaches.  

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